Mental Toughness

Develop this vital trait to increase your confidence, resilience and your ability to respond to challenges with agility – and stay one step ahead of the game.

Mental Toughness

What is Mental Toughness?

“Mental Toughness is a personality trait which determines, in large part, how people respond to challenge, stress and pressure, irrespective of their circumstances”. (Clough & Strycharczyk 2012)

Can we measure Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness – MT can be measured using the MTQ48 psychometric tool developed by Professor Peter Clough, Professor of Applied Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and a pioneer on research into Mental Toughness and assessment expert, AQR’s Managing Director, Doug Strycharczyk.
MTQ48 measures the four components of Mental Toughness identified by Clough and Strycharzyk as the 4 C’s of Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence.

Can we develop Mental Toughness?

Mental Toughness can be developed through training interventions, coaching and helping individuals adopting behaviour of mentally tough individuals. Application and Development
We help our clients to develop their Mental Toughness through training interventions and coaching by adopting behaviour of mentally tough individuals and ultimately reach resilient workforce and organisations.


• Organisational Development
• Resilient Leadership and Staff Development
• Recruitment and Selection
• Mental Toughness Coaching
• Change Management programmes
• Mental Toughness Developmental Assessment Centres

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