Who we are


Company Profile

SPARC is a Sydney-based management consultancy focused on increasing the performance, positive behaviour and wellbeing for individuals within teams on a personal and/or organisational level.

We provide Mental Toughness™ and Leadership Development programmes ideal for corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners and their teams, including customised Bold Training interventions™ and Executive Coaching.


Director Naim Safi is a highly-motivated learning and development professional, NLP practitioner and Mental Toughness™ master trainer with over 10 years’ experience working in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
Naim has worked with multinational organisations, as well as public and private sector entities to help them realise their workforce development objectives. He has excellent organisational development experience and first-class people management skills. Naim’s strength lies in leadership development, Mental Toughness™, innovative instructional design and facilitation in various industries across the banking, hospitality, education, travel and tourism sectors.

In his professional career, Naim has faced many challenging situations such as managing customers and staff from diverse cultures and backgrounds, operational crisis, dealing with contrasting learning ability levels of course trainees, as well as working with colleagues with different work ethics and approaches. He has been involved in humanitarian relief work and refugee resettlement with the Red Cross, the International Catholic Migration Commission and UNHCR, where in particular he honed his leadership in crisis skills, resilience and built his cultural agility.